Bonjour !

I’m Manon, online French teacher and certified DELF and DALF examiner, specialized in teaching advanced learners (C1-C2), but also teaching some learners at A1 to B2 levels. I have been a language teacher since 2007 and an online French teacher since 2016, and I love teaching students who are passionate about languages. 

I left this website aside for a couple of years as I was focusing on another project, but I will soon be back here, some time between May and July 2023. This time, it will be linked to my Patreon page (you can join the waitlist).

I will continue to offer quality resources, but it won’t be totally free this time. Very affordable, but only people willing to support my work will have access to it. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a very thorough French teacher who’s also pretty fun to work with. I have become quite an expert over the years, I know all the mistakes you make, and I try to explain to you how not to make them so much anymore. I think the Académie française is a joke, and I much prefer to use linguists such as Laélia Véron or Christophe Benzitoun as references. I take a progressive approach to language teaching. Languages evolve, they are not set in stone, and there are multiple ways to express a single idea.

French is not easy, but you don’t need to speak it perfectly to consider yourself fluent or good at it. The vast majority of French people, if not all of them, make mistakes all the time. The rules are too complicated and there are too many of them for anyone to remember them all. It is hard for perfectionists to get their head around that, but once you do, learning French will get a lot less frustrating !