Book a lesson

Classes are 55 or 85 mins long (50 mins for tutoring sessions) and must be paid in advance. Should you need to cancel and reschedule, it must be done more than 24 hours before the start of the class. If not, the class will be due and you won’t be able to reschedule it. In the case of an unpredictable event, get in touch. In any case, inform me if you are not going to attend a class.

Payment should be made at the time of booking via Paypal. If you’d rather pay via bank transfer (EU account or UK account), contact me.  Paying via Revolut or Transferwise is also possible.

Your class will be confirmed once payment has been received.

When you book a package, you will get a code that you can use to book your future classes. If you wish to see my availability before booking, try to book a single class, so the calendar appears more clearly, and you’ll be able to see if my schedule matches yours.

Trial class : 15€ for 30 minutes

General French course : from 22.50 € per lesson

Tutoring / Soutien scolaire : from 22.50€ per session

Conversation classes : from 19.80 € per lesson

DELF preparation : from 31.50 € per lesson

DALF preparation : from 40.50 € per lesson

For any specific request, get in touch at learnfrenchwithmanon (a)

PLEASE NOTE that I mostly work in Bangkok time zone. When it’s 7 am in Paris, it’s 12 pm for me in summer time, 1 pm in winter time. Make sure that my schedule matches yours before booking any package and that I will be available when you want/need classes. 

I strongly advise to book a trial class to start with so we can discuss your needs and to make sure I can help you. If you do not book a trial class, please email me to introduce yourself so I can prepare for our first class. 

I am supposed to be in Europe from the end of June for a few weeks, which means my working hours should be different until I return in August. However, the current situation with the coronavirus makes it hard to plan anything and I will block my schedule until I know whether I am going or not, which could be a decision I make at the last minute, or that will be made for me… 

Due to an extremely busy schedule, I am currently not accepting any new students. Advanced students needing short-term help for DALF preparation can get in touch (in French please).  Do not book a class without contacting me first : indicate your time zone, your preferred time for classes, and please wait for me to get back to you. Note that if you book a class without me having given you the go-ahead, I will cancel it, and it might take me some time to return your money. You will lose Paypal fees.