Lessons last 55 or 85 minutes (50 minutes for tutoring sessions)

Depending on what you aim to achieve, you can choose the class that suits your needs best.

Trial class – 30 minutes – £17

First-time students are recommended to start here, so we can get to know each other, discuss your needs and so you can see what a class might be like.

Tutoring – 50 minutes – from £22.50

These classes are aimed at young learners in either primary or secondary school who might need / want extra help in French. They might struggle at school, they might be bored, they might want to go deeper into some topics and concepts. I will aim to help them understand and use the language better while hopefully making them want to further their learning.

General French course – all levels – from £22.50 

In these classes, we will work on all skills : speaking, listening, reading and writing. We will use material adapted to your level and you will be given homework. There will be grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. I will guide you to speak with accuracy and to understand the subtleties of the French language.

Conversation classes – from B1 level – from £19.80

If you already know some French and are mostly interested in speaking it, these classes are for you. We will focus on a different topic each time, that you might have prepared in advance with a video, a recording or a text, and you will try to develop your thoughts in French.


We’ll meet on Skype or Zoom.

I prefer to work with the video on.

Depending on your level and the material we use in our classes, I might prepare the class on Google docs or send you a PDF or a Word document. We’ll use the chat to write or we might write directly in the Google document.

A class will usually start with a short informal chat. We’ll then go over what was difficult in your homework, if anything, before going through the course material for the day. I will then give you some homework to do for the next class (which could be a text to read, a video to watch, a recording to listen to or/and grammar exercises). I do understand that it might be difficult for some students to do homework because of their busy schedule. In this case, we might spend more time on some concepts during classes to make sure they stick.